One of the oldest technologies in the world, weaving joins two sets of tensioned threads at right angles to form a cloth. Weavemaker Pro is an expose of seven different personalities working from within the construct of a class to explore this grid. As weavers, we all start with this foundational structure and investigate concepts including play, irony, contrast, party, and melancholy, using a variety of different materials and techniques. We are investigating weaving as a medium, exploring what a woven cloth can be, utilizing craft for art’s sake. 

The seven weavers included in the show are students and recent graduates from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago:

Bryanna Bibbs
Krystal Difronzo
Susanna Dotson
Chelcie Laggis
Melissa Leandro
Moira O’Neil
Etta Sandry

Photo by Paul Germanos

Opening Friday June 29 7-10 at The Plaines Project.
1822 S Desplaines St, Chicago, IL.
The show will run until Friday July 6. Open hours are by appointment, please contact to view the show.