This week we got to visit the ACRE residency in Steuben, Wisconsin. As a partner gallery, we were invited to drive up to see the residency and conduct studio visits. We got to talk to two collaborating artists who will be showing at the Plaines Project this year, Seth Sher and Michael Vallera, about the work they’ve been doing while at ACRE. We also got to meet some other awesome artists and do studio visits with Allison Rowe, Jeff Austin, Todd King, Georgia Wall, Sofia Leiby, and Patrick Costello.

Next week, one of us will be returning to ACRE as a resident and will get to meet with the other three artists we’ll be working with this year, Steven Frost, Steven Vainberg, and Nick Lally.

There are a lot of amazing artists at ACRE this year and we are really excited to be involved in this upcoming season of shows!