Truth and Being draws parallels between the work of Juan Fernandez and Jason Judd. Both artists are drawn to the ideas of reality and perception, which they investigate through photography and video. Juan’s photographs challenge the notion of truth through the manipulation of architectural environments leaving the viewer to question, not only the photograph as a document, but their own perceptual bias. Jason’s video and photographic work finds metaphors that lie inside reality. Using these metaphors allow him to speak of imagination and limitations, in a way, not to define, but to describe what it means to ‘be’.

Truth and Being finds its visual cohesiveness through the quiet aesthetics the two artists exemplify. This quiet aesthetic is disarming; allowing the poignancy of Judd and Fernandez’s ideas of perception and existence to be met with appropriate contemplation. The two artists’ work reinforces one another by subtle allusions and references that the viewer may find it easier to feel than to articulate.This duo show will open Friday, August 10 from 7-10 pm at The Plaines Project. The show will run through August 18th. After the opening reception, open hours are by appointment and can be scheduled by contacting