In partnership with Spudnik Press, The Plaines Project presents Trialogues, a solo show of work by Polly Yates, the spring artist in residence at Spudnik. Trialogues explores themes of desire, abundance and fecundity. In the complexity of the processes inherent to her practice of fragmentation and collage, she references the Baroque, excessive ornamentation and the folding in of the outside.


Yates says, “I work in the exact opposite way to most print makers; instead of taking one image and making multiples, I take multiples and create one image. For the Spudnik Press residency, I have been working with processes of doing and redoing, doing and undoing – of showing and hiding. Taking photographed or found images I fragment, distort and weave them into one another to the point of abstraction. By limiting myself to certain techniques, colours and imagery, I am trying to gain as much difference with repetition as I can.”

Yates is a recent transplant to Chicago, coming from London, where she recently received her Fine Art MA at Central Saint Martins.

Trialogues opens Friday, October 5th with a reception from 7-10pm and runs until Friday, October 19th.