ACRE and The Plaines Project are pleased to present SOFT EDGES // new work by NICK LALLY, the next installment in ACRE’s year-long series of exhibitions by 2012 ACRE summer residents.


SOFT EDGES is series of prints, drawings, and videos based on a single mathematical pattern. This project began with drawings that represent Nick Lally’s faithful attempts to draw a precise mathematical pattern by hand based on a simple set of rules, analogous to a computer algorithm. Tiny imperfections reverberated across the page as the length and placement of each line affected all of its neighbors, a testament to the imprecision of the artist’s hand. The imperfections produced interesting perceptual effects;  playing with them quickly became the focus of the work. Lally then wrote a computer program which mimics the hand drawn pattern by creating intentional algorithmic imperfections in the drawing of the pattern. He has since been going back and forth between the two: computer imitating hand, hand imitating computer ad infinitum.

NICK LALLY is an artist and programmer interested in digital media, collaboration, participation, radical political theory, mathematics, education, space, and bicycles. He teaches at the California College of the Arts and The San Francisco Art Institute. He lives and works in Oakland, California.


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