A Plaines Project reading featuring four writers- two Chicagoans and two travelers.

Bring your bodies. Lets get cozy. We promise to turn on all the space heaters.

Monday, January 16 7-10pm


Edwin R. Perry (MKE)- a two pump chump – & Chelsea Tadeyeske (MKE)- a two lump dump – present “suddenly you’re naked…” and “factual information” between their own drippings.

Rachel Finkelstein (CHI)- is a li’l bitch. She’s had work published in Prick of the Spindle and Shampoo Magazine, and is kidding about the bitch part. She’s actually pretty charming, IRL, (CHI) city. But mostly this transplanted brain misses the old neighborhood. It’s tangled in her letters. It doesn’t have a chord.

Jais Gossman (CHI)-Jais Gossman is a person that is very interested in getting to the middle of things. Oppositional tendencies are often seen to be a mode of staking a claim, yet where should we find a common ground to understand. Sure, I have a difficult day, but just imagine how dreadful yours could have been! Oftentimes you can find that biting your tongue has not just an adverse affect on the other will feel. For myself, writing is the practice of learning how to read to myself. Or to read out loud. Or just that he is in school also right now, in a class, and that class is about to begin again and writing is also about learning how to be interrupted.

Photos from the November Stuff Swap:
“Did you recently open your box of winter clothing and find that it is all sooooooooo last year? Do you have a pile of things in your closet/corner/basement that you keep meaning to bring to the thrift store but never do? Have you been searching for just the right end table, but haven’t found it yet? Maybe you just have an overabundance of mugs?

We’re here to help.

Bring your STUFF to the Plaines Project. Tell your friends to bring their STUFF too. And SWAP!

✇ ♕ ✄ ☂ ☃ ♘ ✏ ☎ ✿ ✎

November 10, 2011 7PM – 10PM”

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For a pre-Halloween event, we collaborated with Stitchy! to put on a costume photo shoot. Back drops were installed in the gallery, participants were invited to come work on their Halloween costumes and then pose and get their photos taken. The photos were then projected on the gallery wall, making it a digital photo booth.

October 23, 2011.

The Plaines Project is a collective living and exhibition space in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, IL. For five years, the house has been hosting a variety of events including art exhibitions and music shows. The gallery has featured all types of artists from the local art scene, many of whom are associated with The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College.

If you would like to propose an exhibition or event at The Plaines Project, please fill out the Event Proposal Form and e-mail it to theplainesproject@gmail.com. For any other comments or questions or if you are interested in playing a music show at The Plaines Project, please contact us at theplainesproject@gmail.com.