From the process of collecting, documenting, photographing, drawing and stitching, each artist communicates concepts within a specific space, ranging from public, personal, intimate, and imaginary.

Ben Bergevin-Smith and Kristi O’Meara explore imaginary space through illustrations and paintings that emphasize pattern and bold colors. Works by Lynnette Miranda and Etta Sandry transition into intimate space through the use of collecting and documenting, with attention to drawing, text, and organizational systems. Kathy Cho and Jasmin Elisa Guerrero address personal space through fiber work and photography with focus on text, documentation, and muted color pallets.

By exhibiting together, the artists create a dialogue with each other and the viewer.

Featuring new works by:
Ben Bergevin-Smith
Kathy Cho
Jasmin Elisa Guerrero
Lynnette Miranda
Kristi O’Meara
Etta Sandry

August 6 – August 20, 2011