July 27-29: Lynnette Miranda

Lynnette Miranda is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and organizer from Miami, FL, currently working in Chicago. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with concentrations in Fiber and Material Studies, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010. Lynnette is the founder of Make Space, a curatorial website that aims to create and expand the dialogue between contemporary artists and a larger audience through interviews, studio visits and other investigations.

For this show at The Plaines Project, Lynnette has decided to organize two exhibitions. The upstairs exhibition, “ROCKS ON ROCKS ON ROCKS”, features original works by Lynnette, while the basement exhibition, make_space_copy.jpg is a group show.

– – – – –


The exhibition Rocks on rocks on rock uses sculpture, photography and collage to explore the comfort and failure of natural imagery, specifically rocks, within a domestic setting. The fetishization of rocks is the prominent focus of the show, as they become more impractical and redundant through each medium. Through the use of synthetic materials, natural objects and images are fabricated to play with the superficial longing we satisfy through decorating our homes.

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Make Space is a site dedicated to featuring contemporary artists and their practice, through interviews, studio visits, reviews, and other conversations. By collaborating with the artists, we hope to create and expand the dialogue between artists and a larger audience.

Until now, Make Space has only existed online. For the exhibition at The Plaines Project, previously featured artists were invited to exhibit original images of their works. The images were sent via e-mail and printed on copy paper. Although the works are low quality, non-archival representations, they are impressive experienced in person rather than through a screen. This exhibition showcases a range of artists on Make Space, as well as Lynnette’s role as the organizer.

Participating Artists:

Allison Wade
Benjamin Evans
Billy Buck
Brandon Wilson
Christopher Meerdo
Emily Kozik
Emily Souers
Erin O’Keefe
Erin Washington
Etta Sandry
Gaia Nardie Warner
Hans Nostdahl
Ian Addison Hall
Jason Judd
JC Steinbrunner
Jessica Bell
Kate Bieschke
Kathy Cho
Kayla Mattes
Kelly Lynn Jones
Kelly Parsell
Kjell Varvin
Kristi O’Meara
Liz McCarthy
Magalie Guerin
Malin Gabriella Nordin
Mia Christopher
Sherwin Tibayan
Trevor Powers
Victoria Martinez