January 20 – Dressing the Loom Alex Miller and Lorraine Barger

Dressing the Loom is a large-scale installation that takes inspiration from weaving and presents it in an abstracted sculptural form. By breaking down weaving into basic concepts; line, tension, organization, building and layers, it emphasizing the beauty of the warp at the point before weaving begins.  Walking with the warp provides quiet meditation and an exploration of the state between tension and potential.

Dressing the Loom: First Iteration, October 14, 2011, cotton yarn, metal weights

Alex Miller (b. 1987) originally from Alexandria, Virginia, is an artist living and working in Chicago.  Alex came to Chicago as a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received his BFA in 2010.  Focusing on sculpture, specifically in cast metal arts and fiber arts, juxtaposes the academic and natural environments.  Exhibitions in Chicago include works at Tom Robinson Gallery and the Sullivan Galleries.

Lorraine Barger (b. 1988) is from Greenville, Ohio. She is currently as student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and will be receiving her BFA in May. She works primarily in the fiber arts with a focus in weaving and natural dyeing. Her next up coming show will be her BFA show in March.

This show is a part of our ACRE series.